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What We Can Do For you

We can deliver warm leads straight to your phone lines through our team of telemarketers making high volume of calls to your targeted customers.

Working with Altered Link’s telemarketing teams has put me to the top of the dealership business, outsourcing with them on my alarm products has a good impact on me in the last few years working with them, good ROI (Return of Investment) and sales revenue. They provide the quality every client’s needs. - KeithW

How We Deliver

Our dedicated campaign managers, team leaders, and quality assurance analyst are the foundation of successful campaigns. We strive to be a part of your business growth. It only takes one phone call or email with one of our sales team to discuss your specifications and details with your campaign and our dedicated trainers will handle the rest of the training with no extra cost in your end and we assure you get the quality and quantity warm leads to your pipelines.

Our Services